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Speed Dating Palm Bend OR


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Had I been able to hire about a thousand scientists, I would have had them traveling around Florida counting trees and using scientific methods to give us definitive information on every plant species that grows inside our borders.

If you have one of these, get rid of it before it gets rid of you! But, I feel strongly that some information is much better than none at all for the Palm Beach landscape. It had fallen apart, which again is very unusual for that type of tree in those winds. These trees were badly damaged in Ft. Myers during hurricane Charley with winds of only 90 mph.

Currently, she is analyzing her data from the four storms ofwhich I look forward to reading upon its completion. First, I went to the National Hurricane Center and looked at their data. Bischofia Bischofia javanica Zones 9b to This tree is brittle, invasive, messy, and provides shade so dense that not much grows underneath its foliage. For example, I had a call from a lady in Lake Worth 80 mph winds who told me her live oak tree had fallen.

They drop leaves constantly. And stick to wind-tolerant trees for the areas that could fall on your house.

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Regardless of how thoroughly we study these storms, there are always surprises. Tornadoes and higher wind currents are often reported within these storms, which causes trees to fall when theoretically, they should remain standing. No one is currently planting it, but a lot of them exist in the landscape, particularly because it reproduces like crazy. For example, they estimated the wind at my house at 50 mph, but I had hundreds of trees down.

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They may not die in stronger hurricanes, but will be pretty torn up in the Palm Beach landscape. I put very few plants in this class of very high wind tolerance, probably underestimating the strength of some plants in dealing with these high winds.

The leaves stain whatever they land on. Black olive, gumbo limbo, and live oak that were pruned survived better than unpruned trees. Acacia, Ear Leaf Acacia auriculiformis : Zones 10 to This tree is an invasive, exotic tree meaning that it crowds out our native forests. And there are bound to be errors.

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After the four Florida hurricanes ofI realized that, for first time, we had a lot of available data on wind tolerance of trees for the Palm Beach landscape. However, since I just had Barbara Hell and myself to do the research, we contacted experts and homeowners alike to gather any and all information we could find to share with you. This tree has a low wind tolerance in the Palm Beach landscape.

After investigating further, I found out it was a water oak, which is one of the least wind-tolerant trees in Florida! Because of its brittleness, this tree has a low wind tolerance. It largely stayed the same. These factors, such as wet soil, make it even more difficult to judge anecdotal evidence. Low wind tolerance: Trees that routinely show damage in cat 1 storms.

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I am not repeating the wind tolerance of all the plants featured in my other books ā€” simply giving new information. Had the tree been by itself or had the winds been much stronger, it probably would have fallen or broken up.

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More data is needed to know for sure. Blolly Guapira discolor : Zones 9b to Medium wind tolderance: Trees that hold together fairly well in cat 1 and cat 2 storms. So I questioned many other experts and individuals with devices that measure wind. Another friend sent me photos of her live oak down in Loxahatchee 80 mph winds. I have one that I planted in the middle of a clump of slash pines.

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High wind tolerance: Trees that hold together pretty well in hurricanes from cat 1 to cat 3 hurricanes. The shade they cast is so dense that not much grows underneath.

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So use this information as guidelines to help you make intelligent choices. I felt it best to err on the side of caution with a study as anecdotal as this one. They may not die in stronger hurricanes, but will be pretty torn up. Remember that hurricanes are notoriously unpredictable.

After investigating further, I discovered that her tree was planted within a few feet of her driveway. Since the roots of the tree resisted growing under concrete, her tree had lost the stability on that side and fell over.

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Because of its brittleness, avocados have a low wind tolerance in the Palm Beach landscape. African Tulip Tree Spathodea campanulata Zones 9b to This tree is brittle, and not recommended for planting within falling distance of buildings. Know the wind tolerance of every tree you buy for the Palm Beach landscape.

Black olives are commonly planted throughout the Palm Beach landscape. And they break apart in storms with winds as low as 60 mph.

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Duryea has summarized some interesting facts in her surveys. Black Olive Bucida buceras : Zones 10 to This tree broke up badly in even 80 mph winds in the Palm Beach landscape. And since so much of this data is anecdotal, that leaves considerable room for error. Low wind tolerance.

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Acacia, Sweet Acacia farnesiana Zones 8b to However, they did conclude that the tree did well considering. This data is valuable because she was able to actually count trees and use scientific methods to determine how they did.

The winds in this county ranged from about 50 to mph during these two storms Since it is a native with an open canopy, it could possess high wind tolerance. I attempted to put accurate wind speeds with each source. And I did not start out with a list of great plants to write about: rather, I accepted what I had observed, could read, or heard about from other people.

It speed dating palm Bend OR very brittle, with limbs falling from winds of only about 30 mph in the Palm Beach landscape. Uprooting was the most common type of failure in these cat 5 winds. Brevard County also conducted a tree survey after Frances and Jeanne, which includes good information.

We had a great response to our enquires, particularly from county extension agents in the areas that were hurt the worst by the storms. Not all of them show damage, but a ificant percentage does show the consequences of the wind in the Palm Beach landscape. I would rather tell someone that a tree went down in 80 mph winds and find out later that the winds were 95 mph rather than have it the other way around. Black olives were one of the five species that did the most property damage in Andrew They have a low wind tolerance because even though it takes a lot of wind to blow them over, they show substantial crown damage in cat 1 storms.

If you have any, consider removing them. Avocado Persea americana : Zones 10 to According to Dr. This is a brittle tree, but many more were left standing after the less intense hurricanes, Frances and Jeanne; even though they broke up a lot in these cat 2 and 3 storms, they generally recovered. Sometimes there is nothing you can do. Since the live oak is one of our strongest trees, it is quite unusual for one to fall in such low winds. It made it well through Frances and Jeanne, probably because it was protected by the pines.

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Very high wind tolerance : Plants that hold together fairly well in cat 1 to cat 4 hurricanes; some of the plants in this category, like the pygmy date palm, do fairly well in cat 5 storms as well. Most of this information is not scientific but anecdotal, meaning information that is passed from person to person mostly by word of mouth or .

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