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San Bernardino hill friends meeting

San Bernardino Hill Friends Meeting


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If you drive into Crestline today you would turn right and you would go down a little hill and the cabin we rented was a very large one and the living part was at the top of the hill up stairs.

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She enjoyed it but I think that the role that she-she really ended up staying at home in spite of not wanting to. It might have been the summer of because I completed my kindergarten in La Crescenta, so we did move to southern California inlived for a year in La Crescenta, moved to Crestline while my parents purchased a home in San Bernardino [ Sierra Way]. When you were born she decided to stay home? Hanson: Why did she decide to stay home? Payne: You know, I really don't. Payne: Yes, and boy was I happy to get to Nancy Drew. Payne: And I may be off a year on that.

It was a new beginning for them and they did not want to raise me in the city. Payne: And it was a very small community then, maybe one place to eat, one place to shop. And I was in the Brownies probably in second grade. It's fun to share those memories.

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Payne: I started the first grade. We spent a summer in a mountain cabin up in Crestline. My father had a cousin four years older than he who played big sister from infancy to the time he died and she passed away two weeks ago. He went inand they didn't take him earlier because of poor eyesight, but he could count the money in the vault on Treasure Island so they did use him after all. My parents were not campers.

Hanson: Oh, I thought you said a whole year.

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So obviously it was split session. We were right on the main street. And it probably was for them. Hanson: Do you remember anything about grammar school?

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She was the kindergarten teacher, Brownie and Scout Leader. Payne: Hanson: So your dad left the navy and moved to southern California.

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Hanson: Tell me about first grade in San Bernardino. Hanson: So that fresh air, outdoor mountain kind of idea. Payne: Oh, yes. Payne: My maternal grandparents. And walking, everyday walking. And after the war inmy folks moved to southern California. Hanson: Okay, what was your reader in first grade? He was a pharmacist on the island of Alcatraz when it was an army prison and I have a gold nugget he dug out of the Klondike in Alaska. Hanson: Okay, and you said you were at Crestline for a year. Hanson: So they thought southern California was a better option.

I was always quick to read.

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And I'm very fortunate, Joyce, that I have contact with several of my schoolmates from that time. I have a letter that his brother wrote that was printed in the newspaper in Washington state and that gave a fantastic background of being in the Philippines and being on San Juan Hill.

She was 95 and she spanned all the generations in our family. And she continued being a very aggressive, very controlling person and maybe we don't want that on the tape, something negative. Hanson: Fun with Dick and Jane. And those are good memories, blue jays and squirrels and falling out of a bunk bed.

Payne: Yes, at that time she was, yes. Hanson: What do you remember about Crestline?

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Payne: Definitely. His father before him came from Ireland to gold rush California and settled in San Francisco by And I also was born there, so I'm really proud of being a third generation San Franciscan. Payne: Right, let alone that city.

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Payne: I do have good memories of that. See Spot run, Dick and Jane. Hanson: Why not? They were not outdoors people. Hanson: You should be, not many people are born in this state. Payne: Oh, lots. I know you have that he was in the navy, or I'm sorry, in the army.

Hanson: Hi Sue, tell me something about your grandparents, your maternal grandparents.

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Hanson: That is wonderful. Do you know if he saw any battles, do you know if he was under Pershing, any kind of information about that? And my first Betsy Wetsy doll - and my only Betsy Wetsy doll. Hanson: And that was the Brownie Leader? First grade, a little girl named Judy told me there was no Santa Claus. She would have liked to work.

I really do believe that part of the idea of getting away from family, getting away from all of the aunts and the controlling family members, getting a fresh start. As you've already seen from my paperwork I have no brothers or sisters. Payne: Lots of badges, but if we skip to Scouts, that's Girl Scout Camp and that was the love of my life. Payne: Can we, you know, these quick little memories that happen. Why did they move from San Francisco to southern California in ?

Payne: I may be wrong, it seems to me printing until third grade.

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See, I'm not listening well. Payne: I get to look at my notes, right? And my mom was raised in San Francisco, and she was the secretary for an insurance company after her high school and that's where she met my dad who followed his father in the footsteps of the insurance business. Don't think we really thought of it as that then but half a year I'd wave at Jeannie going to school and the other half we'd pass each other coming home. Payne: Business opportunity, climate, and probably family I'm supposing, but we had a very close cousin. Hanson: Absolutely, anytime you want.

Hanson: OK, let me ask you this, are there any stories about the Spanish American war and what he did in that war. My grandfather was quite a bit older, 15 years older than my grandmother when they were married, and they met at Fort Dodge in Iowa. Going to school in the morning half the year and the afternoon the other half year.

Just one main street. Payne: Because I think my dad decided she needed to stay home. Payne: I suppose probably for all of the typical reasons-too congested, too crowded, too dirty. But I know she loved being out in public and when I was young that certainly was a good outlet for her - Hanson: And what year did they get married?

I had a good reading background in kindergarten. I know it was a long time ago and it was only three months, but you said there were some good stories. Everyone does things different. Hanson: So, what did you do in Brownies? Payne: Right. I can remember climbing stairs, stairs and stairs every time we went to the grocery store. Payne: No, three months. Hanson: It's nice that you can keep friends for that long. Neither my mother nor my father had brothers or sisters. We'd have to carry things home - my mother never drove, so we always walked.

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On my dad's side, he was born in San Francisco his father was also. Now we try to get together two or three times a year. What school were you at?

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