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Bullying is a form of youth violence and an adverse childhood experience ACE. CDC defines bullying as any unwanted aggressive behavior s by another youth or group of youths, who are not siblings or current dating partners, that involves an observed or perceived power imbalance, and is repeated multiple times or is highly likely to be repeated.

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Scott says. Begin these conversations with the children in your classroom or your home, and you will better prepare them to advocate against human trafficking and avoid being trafficked themselves.

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Human trafficking may seem like an unusual topic to bring up with. Table of Contents.

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Sex trafficking is not the only kind of human trafficking. Sex trafficking Bonded labor Child soldiers.

According to data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline, these venues and industries are where trafficking most frequently occurred in Human trafficking can happen with little or no movement at all. Adolescents are better prepared to discuss complex issues but may be less willing to open up to an educator or parent, especially about sensitive topics. Children between ages 2 and 6 are probably not ready for explicit conversations about human trafficking. Adolescents may not comprehend the economic side of trafficking, particularly if their only understanding of human trafficking is sex trafficking.

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A school counselor is better prepared to have explicit conversations with students and find the support they need. At school, they will start learning about the military in history classes. Between ages 7 and 12, children begin to understand work as something adults do during the week in exchange for money, which helps them pay for things their families need: food, school supplies, clothes, and their homes. Since Decemberthe National Human Trafficking Hotline has documented more than 40, human trafficking cases in the United States.

Broach the subject anyway, knowing that the information you share may keep your children safe and make them advocates for fair labor practices and healthy relationships. Teachers may struggle to find a curriculum that explores human trafficking and also meets district, state, and common core educational standards.

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Good habits with money can help adolescents avoid desperate and potentially dangerous financial situations in the future. What Is Human Trafficking? Emphasize that sexual relationships should always be explicitly consensual, and we should never have to exchange sexual acts for safety. Educators should direct students to an appropriate resource, either to counseling services or a local organization connected with the school. Opening this conversation can help prepare young children to consider more serious questions about gender identity later on.

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Use this time as an opportunity to help children understand that we should care for our bodies and treat them with respect. While about 60 percent of these survivors were minors at the time of being trafficked, only about a third of those who called the line were minors, which may mean that many young victims are unable to find necessary help. Human trafficking happens in industries that we interact with on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery and is defined by the U.

As an educator or parent, you can prepare to start the conversation by making sure your own understanding of human trafficking is accurate and complete. Summer camps Nursing homes Construction sites of private homes Lumber yards and sawmills. But educators and parents can begin helping children develop an understanding of their own inherent worth and the value of every human life.

Provide a safe place for kids in this age group to discuss these things and affirm them for coming to you with questions.

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Community swimming pools Farms Dance troupes Commercial cleaning businesses 3. Older children may begin noticing members of the armed services in their communities.

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When witnesses something unfair happening at school, talk about what happened and address their feelings. As they learn about economics and international trade, educators and parents can open discussions about bonded labor and involuntary domestic servitude.

By making children aware of the different forms of trafficking and the economics of each, adults better prepare them to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous scenarios. If you suspect or adolescent in your care may be a victim of trafficking, connect them to people who can provide immediate and discreet assistance. If the children you parent or teach receive an allowance, start teaching them about fair compensation. Inthe hotline documented the cases of more than 10, victims of human trafficking in the United States.

Explain that some people work for very little money. Highlight the importance of being diligent and doing research about the clothes and food we consume in order to make sure the people behind them are being treated fairly. Reiterate that fairness is one of our core values and should never be compromised. Next Step. The subject matter can be frightening, particularly for younger children, and educators and parents may be uncomfortable starting the conversation.

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Make sure children know they always have the right to ask for personal space. Human trafficking happens domestically, not just abroad or across borders. Help children learn to recognize stereotypes and understand how they affect our relationships and social behaviors. Articulate those behaviors to the counselor, who can work with you to develop a plan of action for your .

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Explain that some nations have unfair leaders who force children to serve in the military. They are also more likely to be exposed to upsetting news and online content that is violent or inappropriate. Adolescents may begin working or have friends who hold jobs while going to school.

Preventing bullying

According to Dr. Educators and parents must be unafraid to begin having these conversations with their students and children now. Explain that our bodies should never be used to get something we want—even if someone offers a prize, candy, or a toy. As an educator, you might bring up concerning behaviors you have noticed and gently suggest that the student sit down with the counselor. They start brushing their own teeth, dressing themselves, and using the bathroom on their own.

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If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline now at Growing Impact. Scott for advice on how educators and parents can weave the topics into daily discussions and lesson plans—and keep the dialogue transparent and open.

They may also not understand how the need for money factors heavily into why people are trafficked. When children come to visit you at work, or when they ask about your job, consider introducing the concept of forced labor. As these topics come up in conversation, introduce the practice of child soldiering.

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As they begin dating, adolescents need to know that their bodies are not commodities for others to use for pleasure or money. Gently help children understand that sometimes life is unfair, but this does not make cruelty and unkindness okay. Children between ages 7 and 12 have more world experience, abstract thinking skills, and abilities to better express themselves than younger children.

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Forced labor Involuntary domestic servitude. Many times they are forced to work without being paid fairly, and they may even work in unsafe conditions.

Certain groups of children are particularly vulnerable to being trafficked, says Lakia M. Scott, Ph. Those who are most at risk include children from low socioeconomic backgrounds or single-parent homes, those without homes, and those who lack access to education.

As children begin to socialize outside their families, they will start to pick up on the different expectations of girls and boys and of women and men. But recent data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline, a phone that victims can call for help, suggests that human trafficking is a relevant topic especially for children. As they start managing money, teach them how to manage their finances, including reading a paycheck, creating a weekly budget, and saving and giving money.

Residence-based commercial sex Pornography Traveling sales crews Restaurant and food services. Children at this stage begin learning to care for themselves.

How to talk about human trafficking with children and adolescents

But even if he loses his job, he is still a good dad. Illicit massage and spa businesses Hotel- and motel-based sex Domestic work Agriculture. If another child or adult makes them feel uncomfortable, then they should tell an adult they trust as soon as possible. People may picture third-world countries when they think of human trafficking, but it does indeed happen in developed nations.

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