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Nsa in Vista

Nsa In Vista
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Catch up on stories from the past week and beyond at the Slashdot story archive. It all comes down to what you are trying to protect against.

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In retrospect the evidence suggests they played both adgendas. Nothing in this world is free. What, you thought the US Government used Macs?

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The question is, what was that benefit? They will do whatever and go to exteremes to get its job done. Bunny On a side note, would it be feasible for MS to secretly produce two versions of windows, one for the domestic market in the USA and one for the foreign market.

One thing is for sure, we should all be wary of security….

This is just my guess though, based on my impression of Microsoft as an at-least-vaguely competent developer of software. If you try to break the encryption, you are liable under DCMA. How carefully they audit it is another question, of course: I could probably sneak in a subtle buffer overflow, given that MS misses some such bugs introduced by its own programmers.

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Bruce, Do you really believe that NSA is that much smarter ane everyone that much dumber? Every day is a school day Bo. The Acer ActiveX control was not really hidden at all but still went unnoticed for a very long time. Honestly, this is the role I would like to see the NSA take up. From what I understand, this is something the NSA wants to do, and uses as a training excersize anyway.

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When the expired, the driver simply shut down. That could cost them a lot of money. Yeah, right. Great, now every government agency except nsa in Vista in US should really think about using Vista due to national security concerns — NSA may have added more than what you want to the codes.

In its partnership with Microsoft, it could have decided to go either way: to deliberately introduce vulnerabilities that it could exploit, or deliberately harden the OS to protect its own interests. I do think, however, that anything produced by their cooperation should be in the public domain, both so that we can inspect it — all the more necessary in light of recent illegal activities by the agency — and because my tax dollars are paying for it!

On a side note, would it be feasible for MS to secretly produce two versions of windows, one for the domestic market in the USA and one for the foreign market, without anybody knowing or realising?

Microsoft gets help from nsa for vista security

Yes, because the source code was transparent. They had no other choice but to provide improved security. Personally, I doubt it. Too many people trying to break it and parts of it will break. Nothing connected to the Internet can be entirely secure.

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Either way, the answer would be interesting. Never supporting any company that uses Vista. In the case of Vista, they must have expected it. In the case of Codered for example, one of its variants targeted systems whos language was set to Chinese, according to the analysis posted at the time. Over my dead body. For the first time, the giant software maker is acknowledging the help of the secretive agency, better known for eavesdropping on foreign officials and, more recently, U.

When both sides use the same stuff — Windows Vista, for example — the agency has to decide whether to exploit vulnerabilities to eavesdrop on their stuff or close the same vulnerabilities to protect our stuff. I really wonder how foreign governments will react to this news.

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Does this mean that if a vulnerability appears we can blame the NSA? More importantly, will I keep getting those security updates that hound me to install them? Where in the article does it state the NSA modified any source code?

Its been done before By the Codered worm for one without requiring seperate versions. SELinux is mitigated from the segregation issue since the code is open to be freely reviewed. Some of you need some homework. The problem with an OS versus an algorithm is that their involvement, by its very nature, is less transparent.

Home Blog. Third, would Microsoft seriously take on the [political, economic, reputational] risk of giving the NSA commit access to their source code? So knowing this, I fully expect that all hard drive and perhaps video drivers will move to an encrypted OEM licensing model after a few years.

MS makes their usual bug-filled lockup-prone product; then the NSA helps them make it so the owner cant do any workarounds in order to get some of the utility that he paid for! But in my mind this is a perfect involvement to get some backdoors in vista i guess.

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The NSA must have realised some benefit from doing whatever work was involved. If the US Government cancelled some contract with Lenovo because they feared those laptops could have features that would send sensitive data to the Chinese government, what are we to think of an operating system that was deed in cooperation with the US National Security Agency?????? A key difference may be that at the time of DES, they may not have expected the public scruitany that followed. In the SELinux case, the NSA played an entirely positive role with respect to Linux kernel development, so on that basis I might be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Working to get Vista banned from my company, country, and geopolitical conglomerate. I doubt it. Oh my god.

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A quick check of the regional or language settings or even timezone will give you a good idea where the machine is located. The actually d copies stay relatively secure. If yes, one might be tempted to ask whether the NSA would help fix holes in the former and introduce new backdoors in the latter…. The weakness of a shorter key was transparent, obvious, and more ificant.

Where is the balance? Just another reason to use OpenBSD! And given how the Feds are so eager to share information with other governmentals, implement secret rules, and refuse to accept abilty cf.

Nsa’s involvement with microsoft windows vista

This is not a goodbut it has some advantages. This may also be a good chance to see the internal mechanics behind microsoft security.

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What is interesting is the choices they made. Which has yet to be cracked. Never using Vista now. Perhaps the NSA role will attract more people trying to break it.

Is this a good idea or not? Fat chance. If you are concerned about back doors introduced into Vista by third parties, I think you should be more worried about ed kernel-mode drivers than source submitted to Vista itself. Or maybe it just marketing around suite B support? Now this is just my personal reaction. I easily foresee a scenario in which someone runs afoul of a secret HSA rule, based on information secretly gathered via the NSA backdoor. Improved security and reduced administrative headaches for the NSA. More secure OS for Microsoft.

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Where is the payoff? Certainly NSA has provided very good research and advice.

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For those of us from abroad it may well be the opposite. Not nescessary. The kernel gets a great new security framework and the source code is completely transparent for the industry to use and the people to inspect. I would just like to give both sides a fair chance and not start or contribute to any conspiracy theories regarding the NSA and Windows Vista.

The s-box tampering was subtle but suspect.

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If it was ever discovered, it would just go as one of the usual Windows security holes and a subsequent patch would seem to eliminate it. Can we say the same, with certainty, about whatever they did to Vista?

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