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Meet Atlantic rican girls

Meet Atlantic Rican Girls
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This is a list of communities known for possessing a large of Stateside Puerto Ricans. The top 25 US communities with the highest percentages of Puerto Ricans as a percent of total population Source: Census The largest populations of Puerto Ricans are situated in the following metropolitan areas Source: Census :. The Northeast is home to 2. Combined, the New England states are home to overPuerto Ricans, with the vast majority in the Lower portion of New England, having a very high concentration of Puerto Ricans.

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At its most rapid growth rate, the added 1, new members an hour, and generated hundreds of new posts and dozens of documents detailing logistics, supplies, and safe lists. In that example, the efforts of private citizens proved perhaps just as valuable as and more trusted than those of first responders and federal entities. For Alexandra Gates, a graduate student at the University of Chicago, communication with extended family in Puerto Rico has been limited.

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Their relatives scattered across the United States and elsewhere have been left entirely in the dark as to the status of family members. For cousins further out in more remote areas, updating family means using limited gasoline supplies to take long trips across washed out ro, mud, and debris in order to stand in line outside a working tower.

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Perhaps the grimmest aspect of the ongoing emergency in Puerto Rico is that the knowledge of the aftermath of Hurricane Maria—including 10 deaths, the devastation of entire swathes of the island, and dire shortages of food, water, and fuel—come from the teaspoonfuls of information that have dribbled out of the island. The Atlantic Crossword. Pichardo was looking for news about her sister, Carolina, in Caguas, which is located about 20 miles inland from San Juan.

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In Subscribe. Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing simply mirror existing familial and community lines that have been maintained even as families are spread across the continental United States. On the mainland, Puerto Ricans are still waiting for any news about loved ones on the island.

But not because we don't love them and not because we are disconnected.

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For the millions of people in the Puerto Rican diaspora, both on the island and on the mainland, the lack of information is one of the most disruptive parts of the disaster. The group has worked to maintain a list of people verified as safe on Vieques by communicating with the few residents with satellite phones, having coordinated supply runs with government officials, and on Sunday and Monday managing to charter a plane to drop off more supplies on the island.

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Then it all goes dark again. Although FEMA and the Red Cross are present on Vieques, as they are across Puerto Rico, with federal assets often slow to arrive and difficult to manage, social media and efforts by concerned citizens have been vital to keeping lines of communication open and coordinating relief.

The day after Hurricane Maria hit, Vieques resident Brittany Roush began using Facebook to coordinate communications and aid.

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The tiny, rural island municipality of Vieques, which used to house a Navy munitions test facility, only had tenuous infrastructure connections to the larger island before it suffered a direct hit from Maria. In her search for news about her sister and relative in Caguas, Pichardo came across posts from family friends on Facebook verifying that they were safe.

Those flights helped resupply the hospital, where doctors and nurses are currently operating in tents, relying on a gasoline stockpile that can keep generators going for five days.

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By the evening the group boasted almost a thousand people. Now, according to residents, the only power on Vieques is supplied by generators, which must themselves be resupplied regularly with gasoline from the main island, which itself might face gasoline supply problems in the near future.

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For Puerto Rico, where migration to the mainland is common, and where a recession and economic crisis have forced a wave of millions to move in the past few years in search of greater job prospects, political status, or health care, the connection is deeper. Then, residents used WhatsApp and the Talkie appalong with dozens of hours of work from unpaid volunteer dispatchers, to triage relief efforts in real time, get boats and trucks to people the most in need, and provide information to victims, their families, and authorities.

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Popular Latest. She realized that a large-enough moderated Facebook group could amplify the sparse news from outlying municipalities, and could help connect Puerto Ricans with family and with resources. For cousins in or near the capital of San Juan, this is an inconvenient, but not terribly difficult proposition.

We're no longer all in Puerto Rico. Moderators upvote seemingly reliable content, use hundreds of volunteers to scour posts and discern whether information is corroborated internally or with news reports, block trolls and unauthorized fundraisers, and even issue corrections or warnings on faulty posts.

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Still, residents of Vieques are working to get around those barriers. So on Wednesday, she created posts exhorting people on the island and on the mainland toand paid to sponsor the posts.

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First latino girl to serve as commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission.

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She is a feminist and a human rights activist, who is also brazenly lesbian and a printed creator in topics associated to gender fairness, feminism and human rights.

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They practice good family values sincerely and are very specific in relation to their family members.