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East dating Delaware

East Dating Delaware


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Where everybody has known each other for decades, where nobody is ever in a rush, and where you can enjoy the rural solitude that is southern Delaware Don't take us on a date to the city; we would much rather go for a picnic or a drive down country ro together. Love Delaware? People from other states have "small world" moments - people from Delaware live in a small world. Easiest date night ever: take us to the state fair.

There's a lot that this little state has to offer, and you'll certainly get to know that by dating someone from Delaware!

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Just bring us to the outlets, or any of the malls, and we'll be good. Our part of the state is populated, thank you very much!

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When you travel far out of state and someone asks where you're from, most of the time it's easier to just say "outside of Philly. So, your summer fling is turning into a little more than that, and you suddenly find yourself dating that person you met at Dewey Beach.

Are we cranky? Thank you! We appreciate the gesture, we really do. I think it's fair to say that if you're dating someone from Delaware, you shouldn't be surprised when, in some conversations, they've got to say they're from Philly.

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Don't worry about the carnival games - we'll win you whatever you want, because we've been practicing here for our entire lives. But we're not directly related to Delaware's most famous family, and we're kind of sick of that joke.

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We need our beach time - we need the bay, the coast, the fresh seafood, the salt air Like e. Your e-mail: Up. Share on Facebook Pin it on Pinterest. In Delaware, chicken and dumplings is made in a completely different way than the rest of the country.

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Honestly, the dumplings we find out of state just don't make sense to us. Kim Magaraci.

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The noisy north can keep their traffic and hurriedness; we'll take it our way. During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date. No matter how much we hear the "dela-where?! Brush up on these weird things that only people from Delaware do.

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Contact: kmagaraci onlyinyourstate. After all, we judge other states' cheesesteaks, and can't live without Wawa. Posted in Delaware July 13, by Kim Magaraci. Want to get to know your Delaware sweetheart even better?

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Paying more than you need to is something that Delawareans just don't understand. Please don't let it be to somewher landlocked. We love the State Fair - the food, the rides, and the games - and we'll want you to feel the same way. All of you who immediately went on the defensive when you read that - take a second and think about it. We have 'slippery' dumplings, which are flat and square. We're sorry, that's just how it is here.

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We'll try them, and they might even be good, but they'll never be true chicken and dumplings to us. Want to go on a road trip? Rolling fields, homemade ice cream and all the space you could ever need - Slower Lower is our paradise. We love our weird food traditions, and watching pumpkins fly through the air. We'll try not to let us distract from our date, but there may be a few people we've got to say hi to, for a brief moment.

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Take us to the beach. e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! We know everybody in our town.

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Did you do something to upset us? Yes, we get it, most of our state is named after the DuPonts.

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So, don't be surprised if we go out on the town and run into people we know everywhere. We're proud of the history that Delaware has been a part of - from the first settlements to being a popular state on the underground railroad, to more modern history like the East Coast's finest music festival, Firefly. Delaware In Your Inbox spinner. Immediato's Bistro.

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Do we have a day off? We'll take the hustle and bustle of northern Delaware over the country living below the canal any day. Kim Magaraci graduated Rutgers University with a degree in Geography and has spent the last seven years as a freelance travel writer. If we're from Wilmington, Newark, or any town abve the canal, hold the "slower lower" jokes.

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We don't need to know the difference between a tractor and a gator, and that's fine with us.

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