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Dating Midland an asexual

Dating Midland An Asexual


I'm in my 60's and asexuality 'didn't exist' when I was a lad. I've always liked the look of women and just assumed that when others said that they 'fancied her' and she was pleasant to look at that my friends and I were experiencing the same thing. But no!

Name: Korrie

What is my age: I am 19
My sex: I am girl
What is my hair: Bushy chestnut hair
What is my favourite drink: I like to drink brandy
Music: Dance
My hobbies: Swimming
Body piercings: Ear piercing

But i guess in the Asexual world as there would most likely be no sex involved, i guess that age is less of a problem there. Personally, I would want someone closer in age just for being afraid to get close to someone for either them to die way before me, or for me to die before them. Besides, I don't have much in common with people my age. Or someone nearer your own age with less of a connection?

For sexuals I'd say 'mentally and physically', but the 'physical' element might be less relevant here depending on where the parties are on the asexuality spectrum. I suppose it's not as though you are looking to use them for the sexual attractiveness of their youth, as might be the charge levelled at 'normal' partners with a big age gap. That wouldn't bother me much, as I tend to ignore what others think of me. I would date someone younger than me as long as a there was a real connection and b I was satisfied that they had really thought through what they were letting themselves in for.

The younger person is the one who should be the most circumspect. In my mind, theoretically it seems alright for any consenting adults to do whatever they please. Finally there's the question of restricted s.

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I guess I will find it fine if someone was a bit older than me. So your personality has to be a bit 'thick-skinned' and ready to plough your own furrow. Even though both of you might be asexuals, mostly everyone will get the wrong impression unless you directly tell them since in this societal world, if someone is in a relationship then they must be doing some "things".

The maximum age gap I am willing to have is five years. Granted they are divorced, but not because they had nothing in common due to age. It's unlikely that I'd date someone considerably older than me, because I'm so old already that they would practically be dead I think it really depends on the people.

I somehow fear the young.

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But Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones aren't the only example of successful relationships with over 20 year gaps. Even though now i am 30, dating say a 25 yr old wouldn't actually be seen as odd. What do you think of age differences in dating or relationships between aces?

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And they aren't asexuals, either. The rest of the time spend together you 'll still have more beauty to enjoy so what is how relevant?

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Do the maths. If they are both mature and compatible in various ways I don't see why age matters much. By felt, June 26, in Asexual Relationships. I don't think many personalities have fully established by 25, so I'd say 10 years max if the younger person is After that a larger gap might work.

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Shared interests such as books, music, movies, etc. Many people will get the wrong impression of this, including myself, but it's all up to the two who are planning to date or whatever. So the chances of asexuals finding someone with a great connection AND a very close age match will be much lower than for sexuals because the s are just so much lower.

I'm kind of young to be an expert on dating really depends on opinions, as always but I would like to date someone who was also an asexual. However for some apparent reason in my mind, I find it alright for a 38 year old to date a 28 year old or even a 24 year old. An old friend of mine married someone half his age 50 to 25 at the time a few years back and they continue to thrive. I know my answer to that. Maybe that may change but as of right now, that is just where I stand personally.

The main thing is whether you like the person for who they are and enjoy their company. Is it ok for someone their late 30s to date someone years younger?

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How many AVENites are there, out of 7 billion humans on the planet? I have known people who had 20 years or more in age difference and were very happy.

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I have yet to find someone my age who gets these references. Isn't the new president of France considerably younger than his wife? Would you date someone who was quite a few years younger or older, if they were also on the asexual spectrum? There will always be people who will get the wrong impression of everything, so I would say you really shouldn't care for what others say. I don't really like the idea of much younger then that, i find it creepy.

It's really between you and the person who dating Midland an asexual planning to date each other. Like, who am I to interfere? If you want to date someone who is pretty much a decade or a bit more, go for it, but both of you have to agree with whatever consequences that will come, just like in any relationship. This seems to me to be a huge exaggeration. I think it comes down to the person as well, you can get younger acting people who are older which was the case in my situation or you can get older acting younger partners.

Who knows what the future brings? Also, at this advanced age, I'm pretty set in my ways, so, I wouldn't be good at a relationship, having never had one. I wouldn't mind spending a lot of time with somebody older than me, as long as it feels good, were getting along splendidly and the age gap doesn't become an obstacle as far as living dreams is concerned.

I'm sure there must be an even spread of asexuals across the age groups, but most of the older ones seem to have either settled down with a sexual partner or just given up. But in real life, I think a severe age gap feels a bit squicky to me. Finding themselves legally and emotionally attached to an 'ageing crock' must be a risk. Your arm candy will always be considered a status symbol by outsiders.

I wouldn't date anyone over 10 years again though, as i think it was a bit too much difference. I don't there's anything wrong with an age difference in a relationship, provided that everyone's an adult even for aces, I still think this applies. Many marriages fail these days sad but trueso if you can see that a decade or longer of happiness is likely, why wouldn't you? This is just my opinion, but I think it would look kind of weird if a 30 year old were dating someone who was 15 years younger then them, making them a 15 year old teenager. But i think after a certain amount of years there will always be a generation barrier in some ways.

Perhaps it's just that I doubt the motives of both parties due to established preconceptions, but it just feels off to me for a relationship to cross multiple generations. Both parties would have to be prepared to deal with societal shock and probably disapproval.

If you're looking to date and are a bit older like me that can be a bit disconcerting. It seems that the online population is heavily skewered towards those in their 20s, even early 20s, both here and on places like acebook. I'll take anyone who is at least 20 and who is willing to bathe at least a couple of times a week. To me age doesn't really matter, long as both people are consenting adults the whole age gap isn't a big deal.

Overall, I don't believe age is a factor, between Asexuals. And that lack of physicality might mean that you could consider somewhat wider age gaps. So asexuals will probably have to more flexible in who they date. I'm lonely.

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First and foremost you need to 'connect' with someone mentally. Compatibility would be the deciding one. My cousin met and married someone who is older than her parents, but they are such a great couple both of them are very happy. I agree, that people will always be making judgements.

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If the younger person and I were compatible. I have a record of "The First Family" that still makes me laugh. I don't have a stake in the relationship so why should I care? I dated someone who was 12 years older than me, and also someone 2 years younger.

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My parents are 13 years apart. While I agree that a 30 yo dating a 15 yo is disgraceful, the OP stated a late 30's person dating a 20's person. As long as both parties are over that age where their personality has become well established and is unlikely to change too much, then it's just a question of whether you make each other happy and are likely to do so for an extended period of time.

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